My Words and I

My words left me,
Late last Sunday.
We had a quarrel over something small,
Like a verb or a noun,
Maybe even a suffix,
I can’t remember.
It’s been days since we’ve been together
And I’m stumbling over adjectives,
Picking up the dusty pieces
Of many semi colons
And I am wondering where to put them.
I am sure I will see my words again soon.
I suspect it will be at least a week from now,
Stumbling in, wearing the same clothes
From when we parted.
My words will have that face,
The one that says ‘I am sorry,
I meant no harm,
We just needed space.
Sometimes I feel that you
Mistreat me,’
And all I can do is agree.
Even though we will clean my words up
Make them feel new again
It won’t take long to fall into old habits.
‘Stop moving the commas!
No one needs that many commas!’
My words will yell at me.
I will scream back
‘If only you could adequately explain
Everything without seeming long winded!’
We’ll retreat to our corners then,
Scowling at each other,
Both offended,
Both tired of the same mistakes
And red corrections.
If I want it to work
I will have to approach my words carefully
Not startle them.
I’ll put on a little music
And watch my words soften,
Become almost fluid,
I will dance around them,
Let my words come to me
And together
We will create
And feel that crazy love
For each other
Once again.

11 thoughts on “My Words and I

  1. PÖ3TIC

    Brilliant description! I think so many will relate to this feeling of missing their words and that eternal struggle between what you want to say and what they actually say. I especially like the last part about putting on music and dancing, I cant tell you how often that does the trick! Also, I really like the underlying metaphor, its so fitting!

    1. Philisapher Post author

      Music is such an absolute escape for me that I let go of all of the preconceptions and ideas of should and would and just create. Like the notation under Philisapher here – “I write because I must; it is my everything, but as my soul creates, music is my vehicle” I find I am a hundred times better at painting with music blaring also.

      1. PÖ3TIC

        9 times out 10 I am listening to music when I write. Usually Im just listening to music and then all of a sudden words start coming and I have to run and write them down before they are gone.

      2. Philisapher Post author

        Do you not find the lyrics of the music invade your mind? I can listen to instrumental while writing poetry but have to leave anything with lyrics for inspiration and the run to my notebook. While I listen to music it elevates my mind and I can see words clearer, beyond the classical intention and they take on rhythm and melody. I just need a giant infusion of ripe, rushing rhyme, I truly feel bereft of good words, they are all falling short.

      3. PÖ3TIC

        I find that lyrics inspire other words in me, but it’s really the combination of lyrics and melody together. I can’t exactly explain it but I think my brain becomes more creatively active when stimulated by music. I’m always running to a notebook or typing in my phone if its handy!

  2. marcelino guerrero

    “We had a quarrel over something small, Like a verb or a noun, Maybe even a suffix, I can’t remember.” Delightful! Put a big grin on my face, thank you for sharing.

    1. Philisapher Post author

      Thank you! You are also very welcome. It was fun to write, but unfortunately it is exactly how I feel right now, I am waiting for my words to return…

  3. Geo Sans

    my past career

    I used to art direct





    there is a strong, strange bond


    to writers

    their words


    no one is more evil

    than someone

    imposing word counts

    suggesting edits


    guilty as charged

    1. Philisapher Post author

      Without restrictions writers would keep writing their pieces forever. A firm hand does them a favour.
      I cannot remember who said it ‘A poem it never completed, it is only set aside’ or something of the like. It is true, we are too attached, far too attached, especially when our writing is not well received.

  4. t h i n g s + f l e s h

    thanks for this evocative post. there’s so much written on writer’s block … hmmm, no one seems to have trouble writing about that …. i find the writing isn’t the hard part, it’s the commitment. when i commit to writing regularly (a small blog post every day, even just a line, a riff, anything on the guitar), the stakes for each thing i write go down. there’s less and less pressure to be great all the time. the amazing truth is that not everything an artist makes is brilliant. but when enough things are, he leaves his mark. tony

    1. Philisapher Post author

      I think I write every day for that exact reason but I wonder that if I perhaps worked hard on one piece for a while would it make it better? Am I spreading myself thin by just creating and opening it up, not dissecting and evolving it? I think the opinion of a writers worth has so many factors, like any artist, and it has more to do these days with the external world than the internal emotion lead by the soul. Don’t get me wrong, the internal drives us but we are so affected (somewhat unconsciously) by what everyone else thinks and feels (social media, commercials etc). I hope one day we can all turn that off and just start feeling for ourselves again. Excuse the babble.


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