Smoked Out Morning

I had you in my bed
The light silver curtain across my window
A net to catch my trail of early cigarette smoke
Next to your naked body
Languidly laying in supine glory
A Miles Davis record playing
Background to the morning of sweet goodbyes
As you left, holding your shoes in your hand
You promised to call
I was hoping you wouldn’t
And you didn’t
Thank goodness I exhaled

14 thoughts on “Smoked Out Morning

      1. lawsonsotherdog

        i just love him kind of blue my all time favourite. There is a great DVD on Miles & even better one on Monk called ‘straight no chaser, good poem, good writer!

    1. Philisapher Post author

      Thank you so much.
      Yes, its a play on the ‘Won’t hold my breath’, I liked the way it couples the initial ideas but also provides the twist.

  1. Betty Generic

    Reblogged this on Betty Generic and commented:
    So who made up the rule of only Reblogging one WordPress poet a day during National Poetry Month? If that was the rule or just something I misread. Anyway the poet I Reblogged earlier was a a Tumbler poet, so there. But I digress, this poet I knew I would Reblog and do not want to wait another moment to do so. I had a terrible time picking out only one poem, because they are all incredible and haunting. But in this tale from the big cold city,
    no you have to find out for yourself. Be sure to read around, there is allot going on.
    Betty G


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