I have to admit something
But just to you
I only ever picked up Bob Dylan
To be cool
At sixteen, year 2000
With my cigarettes in a beaten up silver case
And second hand flared jeans from 1970
Nose ring
Pink hair
And nonchalant attitude

I’ve got to say
I was bored in a record shop
Late at night with friends
Looking for manga and David Lynch films
I walked off and bought an Ella Fitzgerald album
It became a bible
A way of life
I mimicked it in its sultry love
So I became just that

I have to tell you that She was who I thought I’d be
Miss Fiona Apple
With Her wicked ways
And men upon Her sleeve, in Her heart
And bent back against themselves
For Her
I was going to be the artist and the muse
I was going to be seductive and sexy
In My gait, in My smile, in the way I smoked a cigarette
And I was almost there
But Life had other plans
For Me

6 thoughts on “Influences

    1. Philisapher Post author

      In youth they feel as if a second skin, wearing them made me bold and feel empowered. Now it is all internal, interesting how age changes perception of self so immensely.


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