Ever So Slight Obsession

I am burrowing in your grey matter
Getting stuck under your skin
I’m looking for paths of memories
To insinuate myself in

I am finding myself following
Every inch of your devilish ghost
In anticipation of the outward signs
That I managed to find a host

I am figuring out where to lay
My ideas of eggs within your skull
So that when you think of certain things
You envision me as well

I am waiting upon the moment
You will want me too
Then I’ll take your heart and soul
A bury them from view

5 thoughts on “Ever So Slight Obsession

  1. Ray Sharp

    Damn, Lisa, I love this poem. The rhyme scheme that keeps the tone light, juxtaposed with the idea of a parasitic love, the invasion of a body snatcher. ❤


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