Art In Soul

I’m touching the multiple dimensions of Pollock
With my fingertips and palms
And hesitating to look directly
At the images pressed together by Picasso
David is laying down the mythical movements
Which grasp love with an eager heart

I am wondering where I find Da Vinci’s inventions
All sketches and darlings in flight
I have a need to watch the shadows of Renoir
Just so I can I understand shape, shift and stature
There is a gradual transcending nature to Monet’s bridge
As the ages and his eyes fade, so do the lines of necessity

I feel my mind expanding and flooding with Dali
And his obsession over self-love and third party
I wonder if Warhol wishes away grand detail
In favour of colour cleanse because it is less divine
I think if everyone would look at the luscious bottoms of Rubens’ sweethearts
Opinions of beauty would be for the better

For the art in my mind
Is the art in my soul
And takes on the dimension
I feel in my heart

Isn’t that exactly what art is?

7 thoughts on “Art In Soul

    1. Philisapher Post author

      What a wonderful gesture, thank you for the nomination it is appreciated. I don’t participate in them generally but do see their intention and am grateful to the people who send them my way, so although I wont be moving it on I do thank you, it is a lovely recognition.


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