Paper Pieces


Down on that street,
The one that corners 3rd,
In between the knick knack shop
Of lost items from the 70s
And a costume store
Run by Romanians with tattoos
Playing Diana Ross from their outside stereo
I found a piece of you.
It was in that record store
With the crates out the front
Cardboard boxes in the rear
And tour posters of Sonic Youth from ’92.
In between the back catalogue of Bowie
Underneath the rare bootlegs of Prince
Right where I expected The Clash to be,
Making friends with Tom Waits instead
You sat
The idea of you with your paper wings
And paper heart
Placing a foothold into all the things
You could have been
Tucked into someone else’s
Burnt out light globe
You gave me the idea
Of making my own music,
Singing songs outside of my heart
The way you did
With your paper pieces
Now folded
Into my own organised catalogues
Tucked under my arm
As I leave with records
I will play by myself
On repeat

Words by Lisa Inger
Artwork ‘Origami Idea’ and Image by Caen N

15 thoughts on “Paper Pieces

    1. Philisapher Post author

      Sometimes I find your observations crystal clear and other times it takes me a good long think to realise I am just not sure. That’s an impressive feat Geo, and also lots of fun, I need to learn how not have to fully understand something and let it just be.

      1. Philisapher Post author

        I thought as much, but due to their cryptic nature and sparse explanation, my over thoughtful self sees many different things in your words.

  1. t h i n g s + f l e s h

    piled high with artistic riches … my favorite of all the poems you’ve shared with me, and you know why. tony


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