Monthly Archives: September 2013

Her and I

She says she doesn’t know
What we are supposed to be.
I tell her that it’s different
Because it’s good;
‘You wouldn’t like us
If we were normal.’
She says ‘Shhh don’t say normal,’
Like it’s some cursed word
And then she curls upon me
Like a kitten
Purring into my chest,
Padding her fingertips
Against it’s hair,
And there we lay
Waiting for the dawn
Where I know we’ll be alright
Once more.

One Little Woman

Pretty little thing
With your heavy rings
Of all the boys
That came before
Funny little wonder
With your eyes going under
And a handbag filled
With a chemists store
Sunny little smile
With hearts long mile
Doting on the lonely
And empty evermore
Black little princess
Many years a mistress
Forty years now
Of feeling too raw

I’ll Be Better Soon

Stained, stone roses
And messy feathers

I haven’t been present


Let me try again

Where’s your hat gone?
The tall, black one.
What about that girl you were seeing?
She had lovely hair
Like silver
Pluck it and run it and sew it
Silver thread on thistle down
Weaving it back together
Pinky fingers
High tea
And rabbit ears
With lucky feet

I am sorry
I should be better

Sometime next Thursday

Bring your silver hat
And the black girl