Apocalyptic Partner In Crime

Her hands, skin frayed at the tips
Arms red with heat and wear
As she stands in a humid,
Stench filled room
Surrounded by decaying,
Dirt encrusted walls.
Concrete coloured ooze slips past
A lid on a long browned stove top pot.
Waiting too long
Wanting too long
For the wish that he lives,
Stuck here instead
With a burly ogre sized cook
Wedging legs of bloodied beasts
Between hairy, sweaty pits
And ham fisted palms.
Waiting, watching, wishing.
With a sudden grunt and groan of a car
from the familiar moan of a well oiled engine,
She stares out the grimy window
To spot the blue of his hair
Catching back light in the driver seat.
Dropping her salt encrusted apron
She slips out silently
Through the warped,
Wrecked hinged door
To the safety of an unknown.
After the not knowing,
It’s all or nothing now,
In for a penny in for pound.
Lets do the damage
Not the bidding
Let’s win the war

5 thoughts on “Apocalyptic Partner In Crime

    1. Philisapher Post author

      Thanks, I’ve got this idea happening with the collection I’m forming with these, putting up some prelim ones to see what the external response might be to know if I should carry on to the bigger picture, so your encouragement is greatly appreciated, thank you!

      1. Philisapher Post author

        I’ve actually been on this crazy creative high for weeks, working til late, waking early to keep at it, as if on mad drugs, its been amazing and so productive – I’ve written about 3/4 of a novel as well as other things. But then the come down happened a couple of days back and reality hit me about how utterly average I feel, so now I’m trying to work out something that will make things less average. I think this project could be it. Thanks for the support.

      2. ᖘᏫℇԷᎥᘓ

        Hahaha you just described the last month of my life, except very often I just wouldn’t sleep for two day stretches and when I crashed last weekend I think it was the worst feeling I’ve ever had!! I think that’s so great that you’re actually writing a novel, I’ve been wanting to write my memoirs for some time and one day I probably will get around to it so I admire you for just doing it!! Trust me, you’re writing is anything but average! I know how you feel though, I’m about ready to publish my first book of poetry in a week and already I look at the poems I chose and compared to what I’ve been writing recently they seem so childish haha! Well stick with it my friend, you’ll always have my support and keep me posted on the book and this new project!!

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