Monthly Archives: December 2013

From Me to You

If I could blow the sun from my side,
Metal tastings from the desert breeze,
And winding free, loose from eucalypt trees,
Still smelling like the essence of my youth
With the baking days of stinging blaze,
I would keep it trapped in a marmalade jar
And send it to you
To unscrew
And release
In your frozen water mornings
Where it would melt the fine white
So you could see the red dust
Settle on the pines
In your back garden.

Your Humors

I made a cut upon your skin
To bleed your humors dry
We found a glass
And made a toast
To the demons
(Where ever they might lie)

Once it drained
Your vile sickness gone
And all that made you real
We were left
With an empty bed
(And nothing I could feel)

My December

Sun’s ablaze beside my faux pine tree
The lit sky awake before 4 am
With heated rise through windows
Baubles and angels whisper amongst tinsel
That perhaps it is all upside down
I laugh and explain
That they are my Summer Solstice
By celebrating it in reverse
And there is a long running joke
That we have tried in vain
To keep this world whole
When in essence
It is pieces of working contrasts.