Monthly Archives: January 2014

I Could Love You

Oh yes, I could love you
In the way which suffocates,
Wraps self-serving tendrils
Around the throat.
Where intravenous lines
Feed nutrients to the system,
While the body runs
On excitable notions
And blood boiling energies,
Piqued with crystal clear thoughts
Of sex, want and immediacy.
Oh yes, I could love you
In the way
Which leaves us both
Hungry at the mouth

Imprint (Tattoo You)

Forever living with your fingerprint
Upon this skin
So that when I sweat
I sweat you
When I breathe
It’s as you stretch
Across my blood and bone
And when I cry
A part of you falls out
I lick the salt water
Falling down my face
Ingesting you
So that I never have to say goodbye