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“No one who is whole
Takes drugs.
You’ve got to be
At least partially missing,
Its a pre-requisite.”

“Aren’t we all a little empty?”

“I like to believe
That there are people
Out there
Who feel a whole lot better
Than I do

“How are you not an addict?”

She shrugs. “I just like control more.”

Lies For Love

Tremendous lies
Build the foundation
For our greatest loves.
Truth is overrated
For it is merely opinion
Not fact.
Let us burn the records
And flame the sword,
Cut the pretence.
Let us be everything
We were born to be;
Spiders capturing food
Within our deceptive webs.

Who wants reality?

Not I said the fly

A Dialogue of Walls and Love

“Fuck you.” He says.
“Why’d you make me feel love?”

I look past him
At the wall
With all of its bricks
And mortar.
I wonder if I am
The sum total
Of the loves in my life.

“I am not at fault.”
I talk through my lips.

“Take it away.”
He demands.

“I can’t.”

“Yes you can! Take it!”
His face looks like the swollen end
Of a pimple.

“I wish I could. You don’t deserve it.
You’ll let it go when you want to,
And it will fall into your foundations
Where one day someone will break through
And make even your smallest pieces
Feel less like remains.”

“What about you?”

“What about me?
I’ll keep building walls.”

“Your own?”

“No, everyone else’s.”