Monthly Archives: December 2014

Accidental Lips

I pretended
To catch you
Like it was all a game.
That’s how we ended up here
On the floor.
Now you’re staring at the ceiling
And I’m watching you
Mouth words
I know you won’t speak
To me
Because your lips
(Our lips)
Just screamed together.
But going on who
And what
You are
They shouldn’t have.

We shouldn’t have.

And we won’t again.

A Blind Affair

They say she took a lover
Last Tuesday.
It was a grand affair
Full of momentary lapses
And ulcerations.
Permanently blind parts
Got worse
From all the want.
The trouble with dancing
With your own devils
Is that they know
How to abate
And arouse
Tempt you for more.

That which knows
How best to hurt
Has stripped us bare before