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Anxious, True Story – Spoken Word

I get heart palpitations at least once a day
Its my anxiety trying to break through the skin
Herald a new day at my throat
So as to see the sunshine one last time
Before a tumble of darkness swallows it down
Down into my stomach
Down where it fries like chips in oil
Down where it constricts and restricts
The large and small gut
Down where it digests too much and coughs so little
No let go
No air
All consumption
All big tangled white lies
Like a turtle in the ocean
Trapped in the plastic of your 6 pack holder
It churns and twists itself up
So I sit with gaping belly
And mind full of madness
Worry over the rest and the beginning and the forever
Blood curdles over the ends and the never and the has to be’s
Wasting away
On a ship fraught with my own spectres
Sailing half mast
But full flight
Out where the seas are rough
The nights are dark
And the fathomless oceans
Of my own fright
Swallow me whole.


Live Now

Be young and foolish
Be lovesick
Be lighter after dark
Be heavier and sated in the morning

Lay down
Discover new lips
New body parts
New ways to feel another’s skin
Unveil the source of passion


Sing loudly

Breathe the ocean at sunrise
Lick ice air long after dark

Drink wine on a porch,
At a lookout,
On a pier,
With company,
And on your own.

Laugh so big you wake the world
Don’t be afraid to scream
Or moan
Or speak the truth.

Envy no one
Forgive everyone
Forget nothing
And wedge your happiness
Within every day
And every hour
Because luck never runs out
And neither does love.


You get to live more than once
They are called minutes,
You get to live

Poisonous Opinions (Spoken Word)

Where do get off
Trying to tell me
To see through the fog.
Where is this ultimate understanding
Heart supposed come from?
Is it all your rights
And all your wrongs
Which enable you
To speak like this
On what I thought I knew?
See I imagined free speech
Had a great deal to do
With my view.
Apparently not,
Apparently it’s you
I forgot;
And need to be reminded
About all the wrong things
And all the bad things
I do
Just in case I tried to level myself
Near you.
But hey,
I don’t think you should go just yet.
Come back, stay a while
And tell me of the deep denial
Of man kind,
You know the tangent
The one where it’s everyone else
With a sick mind
And you’re the only right
And well informed son
Of the well oiled gun
Who can shoot down happily
And not need consequence
When you have effort and gumption
Because of your assumptions
Sorry ‘knowledge’,
And your thorough self surety
Enables you to find judgement
And purity.
I am here aren’t I?
Looking through our boxes
Layer upon layers more
Of our lives wrapped in paper
Trying to search for
Your integrity
And my respect for you.
It doesn’t seem
To be there
It’s just the same platitudes
All thread bare and worn through
I don’t really think I’ll find it
I am still blinded
By you.