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Poisonous Opinions (Spoken Word)

Where do get off
Trying to tell me
To see through the fog.
Where is this ultimate understanding
Heart supposed come from?
Is it all your rights
And all your wrongs
Which enable you
To speak like this
On what I thought I knew?
See I imagined free speech
Had a great deal to do
With my view.
Apparently not,
Apparently it’s you
I forgot;
And need to be reminded
About all the wrong things
And all the bad things
I do
Just in case I tried to level myself
Near you.
But hey,
I don’t think you should go just yet.
Come back, stay a while
And tell me of the deep denial
Of man kind,
You know the tangent
The one where it’s everyone else
With a sick mind
And you’re the only right
And well informed son
Of the well oiled gun
Who can shoot down happily
And not need consequence
When you have effort and gumption
Because of your assumptions
Sorry ‘knowledge’,
And your thorough self surety
Enables you to find judgement
And purity.
I am here aren’t I?
Looking through our boxes
Layer upon layers more
Of our lives wrapped in paper
Trying to search for
Your integrity
And my respect for you.
It doesn’t seem
To be there
It’s just the same platitudes
All thread bare and worn through
I don’t really think I’ll find it
I am still blinded
By you.

Your Selected Attention

(Revised, redone, reposted)

You deem your
Smile reserved
For ones who
Your attention.
You abhor them
And between
Bouts of boredom
You select the
Lucky bidder.
One with the
The needier
The devout
In obvious
And gleam
Of desire,
Which you
Clearly require.
Later in your
Unresolved abandon,
Comfortable in
The bed you land in,
You don’t wait,
You are there
For no one but
Your own sake.
You are your
Own religion,
A singular opinion
You believe in.
You are only
All that is
To You.