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All The Way Down

I tumbled through the lights and bulbs
Like Alice and the hole.
I looked to either side and saw nothing
But a way out to China.
A cold thumped me right-side up
There the world was big
And I was small.
Everyone was having babies
With rings on their fingers
And bells on their toes
So we could hear them coming
With promises in their pockets,
A jingle jangle of small change,
While my own pants lay silent.
This world only ceased
When my double made an effort
To say all the right things
To all the right people
With their mouths full of teeth
And tea up their sleeves.
Yes, I am fine
(I say to a lady with red wine lips)
Yes, I am fine,
(She stands up to brush away crumbs)
Yes, I am fine.
(Her skirt flays out like theĀ petals of a rose,
HerĀ face tells me she doesn’t actually care)

Here, A Minute Without You

So I’m sitting here,
Eating last year’s candy canes
Wrapping Christmas lights
Around my hand
Like plastic bracelets,
And I’m not thinking of you
Or anyone else
Or anywhere else.
Instead I think,
That perhaps,
I love him now.

And I do.

My December

Sun’s ablaze beside my faux pine tree
The lit sky awake before 4 am
With heated rise through windows
Baubles and angels whisper amongst tinsel
That perhaps it is all upside down
I laugh and explain
That they are my Summer Solstice
By celebrating it in reverse
And there is a long running joke
That we have tried in vain
To keep this world whole
When in essence
It is pieces of working contrasts.