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This Is Your Job

Take your tongue honey
And squash it up
Inside your mouth
Don’t let the words come out.
Just read the script
The way you should
Have those butterflies,
So obvious in your quaking hands,
Suffocate on the dioxide
Because no one has time
For anything else
But your handbagging
Pretty smile
And manicure nails

Know your place sweetheart
And just read the words we wrote
True or not
Say yes

Whatever You, Be That

Mighty mess
Where trouble stays.
Ripped tourniquets
And gaping gashes
On bashed up
Bleeding knees.
Ripped Jeans.

She is what she is.
No more
No less.
Black liner eyes
White lies.
With salacious,
Shiny, scarlet smile
She grins

“Better begin
‘Cause I’ve got places to be.”