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Frankfurt, 3am

So here I am; sitting at a bar in Frankfurt
At 3am
Sounding far more exciting than it actually is
Wishing that someone in this foreign country
Knew how to make me a decent coffee
Like you do
Or would laugh and quote our quotes
Like you do
Loneliness is overwhelming when I’m not surrounded
By the echoes of other travellers
Because I am given time to remember you
But I know you are different now
With your family home
Twin garage
And children

You aren’t with me in this mutual mindset
Of reckless travel
And that is bittersweet
Because I could not go home with anyone
If you were sitting beside me at the bar
I would just want to go home with you

I want to go home with you now

After this drink I’ll make a call
To you
It will be morning where you are
And the sounds of your chosen life
Will push me further from you than I already am
And you will smile nice and big
All lips, teeth and cheer
You will laugh at my drunken jokes
That I’ll regret immediately
Due to the way it must make you see me
As I tell you tall tales of ales and full bellies
I’ll wish I was the one you were pouring cereal for
At 8 am
With our kids at your feet
And my car next to yours in the garage
But it’s not
Instead I am on the other side of the world to you
And because of that I probably won’t call
I will just miss you instead
From my one room living quarters
In a backpackers not unlike all the other ones before
I will act like my adventure is as fun as my postcards
But it’s still grey outside
And my heart is not here
It is in a warm memory
Long gone
Where we used to be