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Still Like Statues

There are holes all through my lungs.
I smoked until my chest caved in and my heart halted still like a black rock.
There are clumps of mistakes in my arteries;
Giant warnings for blood to go no further lest we breach the weir beyond.
I lived until I couldn’t any longer, there wasn’t much left of me.
I was tired.
I was breathing too many times in a minute and my hands were always full.
I’d scream at the sky every time it rose,
Like I was pleading for a better run at the tides.
“Wash me away, take me to the next shore, clean my mind and slough my skin”
I’d cry these things and fall asleep deep within the arms of a busy night
Only to wake with the same mislaid problems

Insides Outsides, Outsides New

The day is dark
The dark is night
Without my fists
I have no fight

Without my fists
I use my vowels
In my shakes
Are blackened bowels

Hell and fortune
Came to me
The day you left
So I was free

But freedom
Was a hefty price
The burn was wide
The smell was nice

But nothing lives
On platitudes
Those guns are high
Their bullets new

You kill the horse
And run the world
Find the circus
Get the girl

While I die
A boring fate
Gone too long
Left too late

I Won’t Hurt You But My Car Will

You used to say
That it was less about me
And more my choices;
My driving,
The way I ate my food,
My clothing,
How I asked questions.
You were so tired
Of all those things,
So you fell asleep
On the bonnet of my car
One twilight night.
I revved the engine
And tore at the ground,
In that way you hate,
All screeching tyres
And dust clouds,
Leaving your vacant body
On the pile of rocks,
Right where you thought
I’d left my self respect,
Not anymore baby.

One Glass

I am one glass away from demanding he arrives
With his weathered boots
And long jacket
To my front door
With his wily words
And wicked ways

I am one glass away from destroying the state
I tried so hard to believe in
But failed so grandly
At making work
Only to watch it slip through
As granules of unrecognisable fate

I am one glass away from making myself a bed
Laying in it curled up
All vulnerable skin and appendages
Waiting for the turn
Waiting for the change
Because it will happen now or soon

I am one glass away from throwing it in the face
Of someone I once loved
But now only see
Through a lens of despair
And drained emotions
Now catatonic, in a state of non-repair