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Hell’s Home

Let them cry out
Lamenting their loss,
It does not bring the heavens closer
For they disintegrated
A long time ago,
It merely trails hell
Along behind.
The darkness find its home
In the familiar.
You are familiar,
You are home to hell.

Leave Me Where I Am

Go ahead
Demand I leave this room
Tell me to sweep away the mess at my feet
In favour of dancing shoes
Tell me that rubbing up against unknowns
Is preferable to my own superb company
Which doesn’t need validation from absurd narcissists
Like those wearing glowing clothes
And belt shaped skirts
And too much perfume
Who desire the men with more hair product
Tighter ball-pinching jeans
More pretend on-loan money
And less body hair
Than the women who want them

Give me my cheese on a fork
Black Books reruns
Red wine bottle
And the ease of no queues
No lines
No fanfare
No meat market subterfuge
No forensic detail required
For one visit to the restroom

And go the hell away