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I Could Love You

Oh yes, I could love you
In the way which suffocates,
Wraps self-serving tendrils
Around the throat.
Where intravenous lines
Feed nutrients to the system,
While the body runs
On excitable notions
And blood boiling energies,
Piqued with crystal clear thoughts
Of sex, want and immediacy.
Oh yes, I could love you
In the way
Which leaves us both
Hungry at the mouth

One You Want

Its a thin string
That gets left in your teeth
After inhaling the fumes
Of the one you want
Such a small tether
Binding mouths and faces
Familiar, hypersensitive taste

There is an alertness
A word of warning ringing
Inside your conscious mind
Nearby the one you want
On the edge of almost
Can leave you hanging high
At wits end of never

Dwelling on a minute of maybes
A plethora of possibilities
Words whispering whens
Insinuated by the one you want

My Cheap Wine

You’re like that cheap drink I need to have some days
To remind myself of how far I’ve come
And how much better my taste is
Now that I can afford to have higher standards

However in the morning I am left with a sore head
A planet of regret
A good deal less integrity
And a solemn vow of ‘never again’

Yes, you are my cheap wine
In an ironic shirt, nose ring
Still talking socialism, capitalism, hedonism, narcissism, optimism,
With a smug smile and loose lips

See you in a few months baby


You seductress of ages past,
I form like iron around your little finger,
I fight a losing battle every time
Just to contain my liquid heart.
I become less of me
As more of you
Invades my senses
And my ideals.
I whither in my forged armour,
And despise this vessel of hope
I unwittingly become.
Damn you and your suggestive smile
Damn you and your depth of chest
Damn you and your fevered hips
Damn you and your fine formed fingers
Running rings around my willing limbs
As we casually play
‘Who Forgos This Friendship First’
Not I
Here I walk
But you have known from the start
That I want you
So catch me if you can

Inconvenient Kisses

Kiss me urgently
Kiss me out of time to the music
Kiss me before your morning coffee
Kiss me clothed as I walk into your shower
Kiss me out the front of the post office on a busy Thursday afternoon
Kiss me on the top of my head
Kiss me as we cross the road
Kiss me sweaty, breathless, after running in midmorning light
Kiss me while you read your favourite book
Kiss me on the shoulder, on my neck and under my ear lobe, on whim
Kiss me when its inconvenient
When I least expect
Now, always
Because you want to
Because you need to
Because you simply cannot resist

Fine Line

She vaguely plays
By impressing an idea of servitude
Upon you
But she is false
Her heart lies not with yours
This night
But in the bedroom nearby
With thin walls
And small cries
Of another woman
In another’s bed
And she feels that if she can be
By your side
She is by his
She is the other woman
Dressed to impress
His eyes
Not yours.
The words whispered
Behind closed doors
Are lies.
So will you take her still?
Knowing that the this goes beyond
Your will
And into somewhere else entirely
The thin line between
And Propriety
Are you to play company
In someone else’s torrid fantasy
Do you stay for the sake
Of an interesting mistake?
Or do you close your eyes
Close your heart
And become the step,
The wretch,
Who allows the vindictive vixen
To make her mark?

Dinner For Two

You’re a sumptuous feast
Made for coat tails,
Black ties
Long stemmed roses
And wide eyes.
You’re a delectable meal,
Created from the best,
Served without embellishments,
A taste of surprise.
You are the main course,
But also the entrée,
The hors d’oeuvres,
You are the silver platter.
Yet the dessert
Is only partially you,
It is also me,
It is us.


One body supine

Two legs stretching

Three freckles on a bare calf

Four fingers tapping

Five stars tattooed on hip

Six breaths

Seven words mouthed

Eight millimetres of a half smile

Nine long seconds from top to toe

… Ten

A Muse, Dear Poet

She wants to be a muse
For you, Poet
She doesn’t want to sing
Your song
She wants to be your time
Your ink
Your rhyme
Your words
She wants to see those eyes
Capture her
And lead her into
Your world
Your streets
And the divide between
Mind and reality
To become blurred
As her face
Images you had once
Thought yours
Turn out to be privileges,
Gifts from her.
She wants to be your muse
And you to be her own
So she may work
With her paint
And your body
To rethink
The pink
She once imagined
For skin
To sink
Her teeth in.
She wants you to
Create her-
A breathless
And her to create you-
A mindless
Mess of
Sighs and
And over