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Typical Trip

“Hey Buddy,” A voice swam at me
From beyond my carousel.
“Where you at?” It asked
In sounds akin to cadence,
Taking on the swimming beats
Surrounding us.
The hopping part of my forebrain
Kept steady jolting rhythm
While another part behind it
Considered the question.
Fighting through the heavy
Rainbow fog
It gave me a response,
Any response.
“Mellow as fuck man,”
I growled
“Mellow. As. Fuck.”


Without music
I have no glue
Without art
I have no pieces
Without words
I have no heart


I have to admit something
But just to you
I only ever picked up Bob Dylan
To be cool
At sixteen, year 2000
With my cigarettes in a beaten up silver case
And second hand flared jeans from 1970
Nose ring
Pink hair
And nonchalant attitude

I’ve got to say
I was bored in a record shop
Late at night with friends
Looking for manga and David Lynch films
I walked off and bought an Ella Fitzgerald album
It became a bible
A way of life
I mimicked it in its sultry love
So I became just that

I have to tell you that She was who I thought I’d be
Miss Fiona Apple
With Her wicked ways
And men upon Her sleeve, in Her heart
And bent back against themselves
For Her
I was going to be the artist and the muse
I was going to be seductive and sexy
In My gait, in My smile, in the way I smoked a cigarette
And I was almost there
But Life had other plans
For Me

Banjo Baby

You found my feet
Banjo Baby
You dared discover
What makes me weak
Your fingertips
And cascading strings
Stirring the wicked things
In my Mind
The delicious things
In my Heart
The secret things
In my Soul
That sound is close
To naught
It melts me
Divides me
Look at my
Shameless desire
That you caught
I am yours
Banjo Baby
Now I dance for you
Your song
Wrapped around me
And I can only plead
For your willing hands
And tight silver
Strummed strands
To not let me go
Banjo Baby