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Losing My Religion

This is something different. A song I’ve interpreted into naked poetry.


That must be what I am
Without a box
Without a label
Without a sign

I am untitled,
Like that song you once sung
Perched on the edge of a midday bed
With an acoustic guitar,
Your naked torso,
And your eyes closed
Telling me it was about


I am something,
But I am untitled.

Banjo Baby

You found my feet
Banjo Baby
You dared discover
What makes me weak
Your fingertips
And cascading strings
Stirring the wicked things
In my Mind
The delicious things
In my Heart
The secret things
In my Soul
That sound is close
To naught
It melts me
Divides me
Look at my
Shameless desire
That you caught
I am yours
Banjo Baby
Now I dance for you
Your song
Wrapped around me
And I can only plead
For your willing hands
And tight silver
Strummed strands
To not let me go
Banjo Baby